Update: I got a job!!

by - March 05, 2014

Hello! I'm terribly sorry to do this, but this week's post is just going to be a very quick update.

As you can tell from the title I got a job! It's very similar to what I was doing in the States before I moved to the UK so for once I was the one interviewing with the experience! My initial interview was last Tuesday, I was offered and accepted the job on Friday and my new boss asked if I could start on Tuesday and as I wasn't working and had no notice period I said of course!

So yesterday was my first day. It went well. There was an event so I mostly tagged along and got to meet most of the people on the team and because of the event I got free lunch. Not bad for a first day. Then I spent the afternoon learning the database I'll be using by doing some data entry. Thankfully my job isn't all data entry, but that of course is the best way to get to learn hot things are input and what it all means!

Today was my second day and I picked up where I left off on the data entry which really took most of the day, though I could feel myself getting better/faster as the day went on and by the last few I wasn't looking at my notes at all. So that's good. I'm certainly not an expert on the database but I've got an ok enough handle on it I think.

Tomorrow I've got some more training on the database, but from IT this time, instead of a coworker, so I'm sure they go over lots of things that don't even apply to my position...but it looked like there were a few other new hires in the invitation as well so maybe I'll meet some more people! Then in the afternoon and all day Friday I'll be training with the woman I am replacing before she moves downstairs (she's not leaving completely, just taking a different role). So tomorrow is when I'll get to really learn what it is I'll be doing on a daily basis for the foreseeable future.

I am so excited and happy to be getting back to work. It's such a relief after such a hunt. I really appreciated everyone's kind words and good thoughts during my job search. Thank you as it seems like it helped!

I haven't gotten the contract yet as this has all been quite rushed to get me in for training before the person in the position currently transitions. But all my references have be received and checked out, they have my credentials, and all that's left is the contract. I'm curious to see how this process goes and what types of things are stipulated in the contract. To be honest I was so excited to get a job offer and knew I would take it if they offered that I didn't actually ask very many questions...so I'm not a very good example of what to do in job hunting situation!

However, the downside is that as I transition from not working at all and spending all day at home into working a full time job...I'll also need to figure out how to work it all out with my blog. I'm still wanting to post at least once a week, and that's the plan, but please bear with me these first couple of weeks if posts are late or something like that. I'll find a groove that works for me pretty soon and then I'll probably learn why so many bloggers can't survive without scheduling posts!!

In the meantime I get to adjust to be a commuter and having to take the tube during rush hour (which I always tried to avoid before!) and scheduled time for tea to be set up for our office staff (9, 11, and 3 apparently!) and brushing up on my British English so I don't embarrass myself in e-mails to colleagues or anyone else! On the bright side I get to start looking forward to payday and finally get to put aside some money for savings (after spending a little on things I've been denying myself of course)!

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  1. Well done, congratulations!

  2. Congratulations!! Hope it's all going marvellously!
    Get some good books ready for the commuting though, it's all that helped me survive it :o)
    M x Life Outside London

  3. Hi, I've nominated you for the Liebster award! http://lynniloves.blogspot.be/2014/03/liebster-award.html
    X Lynn
    And congratulations on your new job!