About Me


My name is Alex and I’m am American living in London with my British husband. This blog will follow my adventures as I navigate adjusting to life abroad, overcoming cultural differences, and learning how to be a good wife.

I first visited London as an undergraduate student studying abroad in 2008. This is when I fell in love with London as a city and realized how much it felt like I belonged there.

Then through what can only be called serendipity, a couple years later (with hopes of moving to London all but forgotten) a friend encouraged me to add this British guy on Facebook. We talked for a few months and really hit it off. He came to visit me, I went to visit him, and we continued this for over two years before I finally was able to come to London as a student in August of 2012. While I was here we decided we couldn’t stand the prospect of being apart again and so got married. I then applied for Further Leave to Remain as a Spouse and it was granted in September 2013.

So now I’m getting settled into my new home and life and this blog is where I will document it.